Hardware setup – Eclipse IoT Challenge project

It’s been a while since my last post. I’d like to show hardware setup for my IoT Challenge project.

My application is organized in form of services running on Eclipse Kura (OSGi based framework). I’m running it on Raspberry Pi B+ (512 MB RAM) with additional LCD shield from AdaFruit (PiTFT) and RS-485 adapter from Waveshare (RS-485 Board). Standard RASPBIAN distribution from RASPBERRY PI FOUNDATION is used.

Although Java 7 is advised by Kura documentation, I’ve used latest Java 8. Up till now I don’t have any problems.

Development Setup

LCD screen is intended to show values acquired from monitored device and alarms triggered by application logic. Currently I’m using JavaFx for visualization layer.


RS-485 Adapter is connected with RPi UART0 interface and one additional GPIO. This adapter needs additional pin to control transmission direction. I’ve used GPIO17 as direction control pin.


For development I’m using additional Raspberry Pi (old B version with 256MB of RAM) that acts as Modbus slave. I’ve created simple Modbus simulation app using libmodbus library for testing purposes.

Connection diagram using RS-485 adapter – SP3485 / MAX3485 :



One thought on “Hardware setup – Eclipse IoT Challenge project

  1. Hello,

    I am doing a similar setup in my office. My Raspberry Pi is connected with a RS-485 adapter (max3485) to collect the data from power meter by ModBus interface. Besides Kura framework, any framework is available in php or python?


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