One Bundle Project – Modbus and Eclipse Kura

Default installation of Eclipse Kura 1.1.1 do not provision org.eclipse.kura.protocol.modbus bundle. Nevertheless, you can find it in source code (compile yourself) or grab it from .

All you need is to install modbus budle in Kura.

First you need to upload org.eclipse.kura.protocol.modbus-1.0.1.jar to your target device (RPi or BBB), connect with osgi console and install mentioned jar file:

telnet localhost 5002

osgi> install file:/{path to folder with jar file}/org.eclipse.kura.protocol.modbus-1.0.1.jar

Now, you can reference it from your bundle.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<scr:component xmlns:scr="" name="io.github.tobidi.modbus.monitor.service.impl.ModbusMonitorServiceImpl" activate="activate">
  <implementation class="io.github.tobidi.modbus.monitor.service.impl.ModbusMonitorServiceImpl"/>
    <provide interface="io.github.tobidi.modbus.monitor.service.api.ModbusMonitorService"/>
  <reference name="connectionFactory" cardinality="1..1" interface="" bind="setConnectionFactory" unbind="unsetConnectionFactory"/>
  <reference name="modbusDeviceService" cardinality="1..1" interface="org.eclipse.kura.protocol.modbus.ModbusProtocolDeviceService" bind="setModbusDeviceService" unbind="unsetModbusDeviceService"/>

There is more about modbus on Kura Documenation.


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